Samantha Fasciolo

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About Me

Name: Samantha Fasciolo

School: North Carolina State University

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Japanese Language and English Writing

Hobbies: Reading, writing, watching anime, cooking, yoga, playing video games

Photo of myself

I am a computer science major with interests in software engineering, data science, front-end development, and networking. I am currently looking for an internship position for the summer of 2021 with a focus in any of these areas. In the long term, I would like to get a salary position in back-end software development or computer networking.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an author and create a famous book series like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson. I loved reading and writing, and my favorite genres were fantasy and romance. But as I grew older, I realized that my talents and interests lied more in technology and computers. I ended up choosing Computer Science for my major and putting English on the back burner for a while. Last year, I decided to pick up an English minor and took a fiction writing class. This class rekindled my passion for reading and writing. In the future, I hope to tie my interests together and pursue a job that will allow me to use both my coding expertise and passion for writing.

Classes included in my English writing minor: